Wrestlemania 33

Participating in the 33rd annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by WWE proved to be a spring season highlight for Stageco US. A total of 13 matches were contested at what often described as the Super Bowl of wrestling. Stageco sent a team of 17 supervisors to tackle this immense undertaking. This year, Stageco US built several enormous set pieces and provided structural support to ARS, All Access, Screen-Works and Clair Global to recreate some of the more memorable elements of Universal Studios’ amusement attractions and the most infamous elements of the WWE Empire. These included representations of the Tower of Terror, the Iconic World Wrestling Ring, the Athlete Entrance Ramp and the world famous Universal Studios Globe. The design process began in late 2016, while the installation for this massive project began in mid-March. Working with the client and fellow vendors, Stageco overcame obstacle after obstacle. Gear selection without forkliftaccess and the enormity of the plaza structure were just a couple of the items that the team overcame. Working together with ARS, All Access, ScreenWorks and WrestleMania’s design team on realising the globe structure was both complicated and rewarding. It was absolutely necessary for Stageco to work in unison with all of these vendors who all added their respective elements to the mix. Each layer of the globe consisted of Stageco substructure, the ARS circle truss and All Access’ dressing. All of these elements came together to create a beautiful structure filled with exciting opportunities for one of a kind features. In the original Jason Robinson design, the ring was a cartoon-like version of a ring with very large proportions and angled towers. This vision inspired the gigantic angled towers, lit up ring ropes as well as the custom roof and roof skins designed with the WrestleMania logo. All these elements were designed to mimic an enormous representation of the squared circle. This event used the expertise of a wide range of professionals, over 30 trucks of steel and countless behind the scene hurdles.