Robbie Williams - Take The Crown Tour 2013

Stageco was engaged to develop a fully custom built stage structure that supported the unique design of his latest stadium tour. The design was created by Stufish and based on the creative ‘head’ concept implemented across the entire campaign for the ninth studio album ‘Take the Crown’.    Stageco created an open plan stadium wide structure 50m x 25m deep, centred on three giant central towers at heights of 26m in the centre and 23m on each side.  Large, clear visual spans were required in order to achieve the desired impact of the giant Robbie Williams head embossed into the backdrop of the stage. Two pa towers positioned at either end of the open top stage overlooked a central performance area, where the artist performs alight several different sized steel heads of around 8000 kilos in weight.   Stageco created a reinforced trackway on both sides of the stage and along the catwalk, on which the heads moved throughout the show.