Musical De Tocht - 2023

De Tocht, a Dutch-language rockmusical has been produced to run throughout 2024 in its own bespoke venue, The Friso Theater. Built on the Zwette in Leeuwarden with a major contribution from STAGECO Nederland, the theatre venue features a 360º ice floor of 2,000 square metres, and the latest meteorological and theatrical technologies that accommodate up to1,460 spectators to experience all the extremes of the Elfstedentocht at each performance. A huge project that required around 10 months of preparation, STAGECO Nederland designed and built the public stand and bridges, and the ice floor stage. Another two months were designated to the manufacturing of special equipment at STAGECO’s Dutch premises in Lochem, before 15 trailers delivered the company’s complete set of materials to Leeuwarden. A crew of between 10 and 15 built the structures over two weeks,supervised by Bram Brouwer. STAGECOs Ronald Jonkman and Marco Vochtelo were responsible for the R&D aspects, and Henk-Jan Luesink was the lead project manager.