Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Première

Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Im­possible – Rogue Nation is the fifth installment of the American spy movie series and so far it has grossed more than $2 billion at box offices worldwide. Principal filming began during August 2014 in Vienna where, Tom Cruise’s lead character Ethan Hunt was spotted in scenes on the roof of the city’s State Opera House. Adding context to the proceedings, it was Cruise’s wish for the world premiere of the film to be held in Vienna and the ‘red carpet date’ was set for July 23rd 2015, with Stageco’s German office hired as one of the key production con­tractors. The ground-level red carpet in front of the Opera House ended in a circular interview platform, and the stars approached it via two staircases descending from a 60 metre long, six metre high platform that included a cantilever section measuring around 20 metres. Besides the standard Stageco materials, this job also called for special components, mainly for handrails, columns and façade ele­ments. This project posed a special challenge in that the lead time for planning was a very short three weeks, and space in front of the Opera was extremely tight – Vienna’s Ringstrasse had to be temporarily closed. Live Nation UK, the client, was reportedly delighted with the outcome of an event that proved to be a resounding suc­cess