Madonna - MDNA Tour 2012

Stageco developed, manufactured and supplied an innovative XL stage system for Madonna's 2012 MDNA World Tour, whilst also providing full logistical support throughout the tour which began in May, 2012. Fulfilling the artist's desire to entertain her fans, the touring production included a significant amount of state-of-the-art moving video and LED technology, which required large and clear visual spans within the stage in order to achieve the desired impact. No existing stage-roof served the set-designer's requirements with regards to sight lines and weight loadings across wide spans and this new system offers designers a different canvas for their ideas. The flown PA and video areas are incorporated within the single stage roof, which spans 57m and is 27m deep at the widest central point. The heavy duty truss that stretches the width of the roof forms a central spine, giving the roof additional strength over traditional systems. There is over 60 tonnes suspended in the roof for this MDNA tour. The curvature of the XL stage design also featured an ingenious flat roof, which minimises wind loading pressures applied to the stage through reducing its horizontal surface areas. Pressurized air cushion roof panels create an angled roof for water to run off into gulleys and hoses, moving water away from the stage. The cluster tower support infrastructure is another unique element of the XL stage, which uses the company's hydraulic lifting system to enable an efficient build and de-rig. Stageco manufactured four MDNA tour roofing systems, each being transported in 21 trucks and joined by three specialist crews that take four days to build the system an two days to tear down. They began in may in the challenging locations of Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi and Istabul, then crossed into Europe before moving on to North America. And Madonna will be taking the XL stage on the road again for the South American dates of her World Tour. After Madonna's tour finishes the XL stage will be assimilated into Stageco's rental stock for 2013. Pic 2 (c) Arne De Kneght