Lollapalooza Festival 2015

Twenty-five years ago, Perry Farrell conceived the Lollapalooza festival as a farewell to fans from his band Jane’s Addiction. Originated in the USA, where it is still held today, the festival quickly acquired cult status and a loyal following that eventually inspired a number of international spin-offs. In 2011, Chile introduced its own Lollapalooza, followed by Argentina and Brazil, and over the weekend of September 12th-13th 2015, an audience totalling around 45,000 enjoyed the first German edition of this globally renowned festival on the former Berlin Tempelhof airfield. Stageco was commissioned with building two 4-tower stages with ultra-wide branding portals and an array of subsidiary constructions such as PA towers, entrance portals and deco structures. Three crews worked shifts with 19 staff and around 60 helpers to assemble and install 600 tonnes of staging material. The construction work was completed just ahead of schedule, much to the delight of the highly satisfied organisers. Fotos (c) Stephan Flad