German Unity Day 2015

In Frankfurt Stageco erected a 53m long, 13m wide and 14m high steel construction on Frankfurt’s Untermain Bridge as a sub¬structure for approximately 600 square metres of LED walls from Screen Visions. Emulating the Frankfurt skyline, this construction enabled visitors to relive the chequered history of German partition and reunification. Given that festivities of this kind are not possible without a stage, Stageco built the Hit Radio FFH stage at the Alte Oper, along with an array of auxiliary structures. Here, Stageco used its Micro Arch sys¬tem, the perfect solution for this location. German Unity Day was also celebrat¬ed to the full at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The idea was to achieve the most transparent effect possible for the stage construction to allow good views of the Brandenburg Gate in the background. The Micro Arch system came into its own once again, this time in a trans¬parent version, with two different Stage¬co band roofs Fotos 1-2 (c) Pierre Johne Foto 3 (c) Wohlthat Entertainment GmbH Fotos 4-6 (c) TLT Event AG