FIFA World Cup 2014 Fanzone

The team at Stageco Germany found itself in the middle of one of its country’s biggest celebrations for years when it supplied and built spe¬cial structures at Berlin’s Branden¬burg Gate for the FIFA World Cup 2014 Fanzone. From June 11, the Fanzone was open to visitors for all of Germany’s games during the preliminary round and then for all games from the last 16 through to the 20th World Cup Final on July 13. Stageco’s brief was for the delivery of a bearing structure for the main video screen and PA hangs (including covering and decoration), and addition¬al double video towers equipped to accommodate two screens and further PA with decoration. The main grid used a combination of Stageco’s proprietary Meilenstein trussing with an integrated bandroof. As the venue was spread wide with distances over 1.2km between several construction sites, potential emergency issues had to be included within the structural planning and calculations – therefore some elements were engineered to withstand a full wind load. As we all know, Germany emerged as the new champions, and so when the Fanzone’s residency was extended for another two days to welcome the team home to Berlin, parts of the covered area of the stage were rebuilt to house a 44m catwalk. It was an heroic end to a truly exciting month.