Download Festival Paris

Held across the same weekend as the Donington Park-based original (June 10-12), the new Download Festival Paris edition was staged at Hippodrome de Longchamp with a shared rotating bill of artists between the two sites. Download Paris saw Stageco France hired by Live Nation France to build all three stages from 30 trailers of equipment. Stageco built a Boogdak XL arch-roofed stage for the Main Stage and Stage 2, at opposite ends of the park. They both measured 51m wide (a 26m roof span plus the wings), 21m high and 20m deep, and another 20m of platform was built behind each stage to accommodate technical areas, load-in docks and artist preparation. Rammstein toured with a very heavy rigging load this summer, requiring the Main Stage roof to be reinforced to compensate for it. In addition, the VIP and camera platforms, front of house risers and delay towers were also supplied and Stage 3, built inside a marquee tent, was a 20m wide x 16m deep scaffold structure with truss towers and a platform.