Airbeat One 2018

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge stood in Neustadt-Glewe for four days. The three major London landmarks formed part of the impressive design for the main stage at Airbeat One 2018 in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Stageco Deutschland supported the promoter, Music Eggert, in implementing the special set for this event under the ‘Great Britain’ motto. This was the 17th time that Airbeat One has been held on the glider airfield in Neustadt-Glewe. Stageco Deutschland in its capacity as an event staging provider was involved here for the third time in a row, but on a far larger scale than before. This was the first year that the Königsbrunn company was also tasked with building the substructure for the spectacular main stage. The sheer dimensions of this construction are impressive: 130 metres wide and 40 metres high. In addition, the crew, numbering 76 members at peak times, were to build two other stages, the Q stage and the Transmission stage. The latter was constructed inside what the organisers claim to be Europe’s largest transportable circus tent, ‘The Arena, measuring 30 metres high, with 5,000 square metres of floor space. Stageco was also responsible for erecting numerous auxiliary scaffolding structures, including VIP platforms and FOHs, along with food stands. The spectacular design of the main stage at Airbeat One 2018 was truly impressive, but the figures from the Stageco Deutschland packing list are also remarkable: If, for example, all 54,000 construction components were arranged end to end, they’d extend for over 84 kilometres, equivalent to an hour’s drive from, say, Berlin to Frankfurt/Oder. Overall, more than 800 tonnes of material were transported on articulated lorries to the glider airfield in Neustadt-Glewe. The project time for the four-day festival, from the start of construction to the end of disassembly, was three weeks. True to the Stageco maxim “If you can imagine it, we can build it”, implementation of the client’s specifications was hitch-free, not least thanks to the close and smooth coordination with the promoter and the production team early in the planning process.