40 Jahre Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG - 2014

In celebration of Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG, four AIDA cruise ships with more than 6,500 invited guests on board headed for the historic harbour of Valetta where Stageco had erected a platform measuring approx. 2000 m². The total build took just under 7 days, working day and night. The constructions were fitted into the harbour basin according to the client’s design specifications. The height of the main platform and the points connecting it to the quay had to be meticulously aligned to guarantee a clear view of the harbour’s historic facades and the show stage. All railings used (approx. 240 m in total) were custom-built to match the design of the existing harbour railings. The project posed a special challenge in so far as the deep water harbour had to remain in operation throughout the entire assembly period. This was also the first time that a fully equipped diving team was deployed on a Stageco construction site of this scale. pics (c) Zweiplan