25 years Fall of the Berlin Wall - 2014

Thankful and yet contemplative: this is how over half a million people in Berlin celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. As was the case for the last celebrations in 2009, Stageco Deutschland GmbH was again charged with the main structural work. Two transparent Micro Arch stages were set up (one to the left and one to the right of the Brandenburg Gate) and linked by a runway. The substructure for the main show element (a moving LED screen) served to frame the stages from end to end. The LED track was approx. 80 metres long including two bends. This was the first time that a project of this kind had been implemented outdoors: a horizontal-travel video screen measuring 27 metres in width by 11 metres in height and split into 6 modules. Pics (c) Ralph Larmann